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Vaserie in Toscana Spa

By Michele De Felice

Vaserie in Toscana Spa is a company that has inherited the long Italian tradition of high quality terracotta production from the experience of large companies such as Vaserie Trevigiane and Richard Ginori 1735 Spa. The Chief Executive Officer Michele De Felice, for over 30 years in the sector, leads the company in Trequanda, with great attention to the responsible use of natural resources and the production of unique pieces with fine Tuscan clays. Ecological, refined and resistant over time, the terracotta of Vaserie in Tuscany is in fact defined as “the terracotta that comes from the sun”.

A sustainability that concerns the entire life cycle of the product: from the materials used, to the production methods, from the supply and use of renewable energies to the creation of unique pieces destined to last over time.

The production of “handmade” and “hand-finished” terracotta is constantly evolving and includes vases, pot covers, bowls, jars and majolica, amphorae and hoods, with both classic and modern lines, respecting the Tuscan tradition and with looking towards the future.


Terracotta objects: vases, boxes, bowls, jars, amphorae, hoods.


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